Comet Swan proved to be a particularly frustrating Comet for me.  I was plauged with equipment problems throughout the aparition.
My New Meade Starfinder mount with the 8" f/7.5 Newtonian was simply not sufficient for astrophotography.  My Meade 8" f/10 SCT
blew a drive motor. Actually the drive motor didn't blow. It failed mechanically.  I recently tore the mount apart and found the cheap little
gears Meade uses in the motor had somehow "unmeshed." I realigned the little gears and soldered the motor back together but it soon
failed again.  I attempted some hand guided shots at prime focus to no avail. 

So, the only shots I ended up getting were short exposures using telephoto lenses.  As a result I determined to purchase a large sturdy reliable
mount that could handle an 8" newt and/or sct.  I selected a Losmandy G-11 but did not get it until after the comet was gone.
The good news is that I'll  have the equipment to shoot the NEXT Comet to fly by!

Swan maintained a bright green color throughout it's apparition. I got my first shot deep in morning twilight on October 10th.

My second shot came just after dusk on October 21st

I didn't get another opportunity to shoot the comet until Novermber 22nd. Here's a closeup view.