The Moon/Mars Conjunction of December 23rd, 2007

For those of you who were less fortunate than myself, and did not get a hole in the clouds
last night to view the Moon/Mars Conjunction, here are a couple of quick shots I squeezed
out through some sucker holes. 


I was surprised how bright Mars looked, but I guess I should have expected it since Mars is VERY
 bright right now. As you can see from the shot above there was a lot of ice in the
It made a nice Moon bow and still allowed Mars to shine through.

(If you don't see Mars, look very close to the Moon's limb, at 1:00.)

The shot below was acquired at 1/350th of a second @ Prime Focus of my Meade 8” F/6.3.
Both images using a Canon 30D @ 400 ISO.