My Telescope System

In order to improve my digital astrophotography I needed a better mounting system.
In December 2006 I purchased a Losmandy G-11.   I wanted the ability to shoot at Prime
Focus and using eyepiece projection. I also wanted to shoot piggyback.
I also needed an autoguiding system. Lastly I wanted tte ability to view while shooting.
Here's the setup.

With these criteria in mind I purchased a dovetail adaptor and added a
lightweight aluminum framework for attaching the components.
I use the DS-60 and a Creative Webcam and  PHD software for autoguiding.
The ETX125 is setup with an autofocuser and is used for visual work
while the cameras are busy taking photos. Here's a shot og the aluminum bracket.

To meet the needed power requirements I built a power supply using a
deep cell marine battery. I added a dc/ac inverter to run the laptop and
hair dryer. DC runs the scope and accessories. I'm going to upgrade
the cart in the future and add another battery.

Next I added an eyepiece holder.

Here's a couple of different views of the scope

I am amazed that the G-11 can handle all this weight. I have a 22lb. and a 7lb. weight to
balance all this equipment and the drive works flawlessly.