I've had my POD almost 2 years now.  As you can see, I live in a suburban area surrounded by neighbors on all sides.
There are many lights to worry about. I've considered painting my dome, but I like the way it's opaque to sunlight, so I was hesitant.
But, finallyI got fed up with the lights. The dome is like a large mirror in a suburban setting in that it reflects light from it's light colored surface.
Because that surface is concave it focuses stray light right into your telescope, camera lens and eyes, while trying to observe.
Painting only the inner dome allows sunlight to pass through the outer side of the dome, which I keep oriented to the south when not in use.
When open, I only see the dark inner dome, which, being flat black now, greatly reduces the amount of reflected light from my neighbors.

My inner dome paint job

Doesn't the POD look
w/out the inner dome?

It's 80 degrees and not a cloud
in the sky.
Too bad it's not DARK!

Save your poor index finger and
buy a sprayer that attaches to
the top of the spray can

Start with the Bottom flange.

Then flip the dome and paint inside.
(See the shadow)
If the paint is not thick enough,
 the sun will shine through

Don'tget too close to the grass.
Roll the dome over to paint the
strip along the ground.

After 10 minutes baking in the sun,
the dome is ready to go home.

isn't that a sight to behold?

Inside with the dome closed
Inside with the dome closed
I can't wait for a clear night !!!