My POD (PZT) Zenith Table Construction Page

I took my laptop to the garage and
followed Wayne's computerized
All ready to start. It's raining,so this
is a good day for this part of the
Let the cutting begin, and
Measure Twice, Cut Once !
Here's the first piece ! Be careful
not to cut into the sawhorses.

Wow! It's starting to look like a
Beautiful day here in North Central
Ohio. On goes the Primer
Then the Paint.
First Zenith with the PZT !!!
I am amazed at how easily and
quickly the PZT slides on and off.
I can do it by myself in minutes.

Hey, those cases you carry back
and forth to your POD fit quite well
on the shelf created by the PZT
And your gear does not dew up
because it's protected by the POD
Dome overhead
First Light!