December 10th, 2006 Planetary Grouping

In the wee hours of December 10th  I awoke early to attempt a planetary grouping shot. SkyClock said it would be "mostly" clear.
I took a tentative look outside to find the sky peppered with small clouds moving rapidly eastward. Not a good sign, but, since I
was already awake I decided to head out. I arrived at a site along Route 58 where there is a slight rise in elevation and a nice tree
lined low horizon. Luckily the horizon was quite clear and I got the following image.

Highest and slightly left of center is  . Next highest is Mercury, which was showing a nice almost full crescent.
Immediately below Mercury is Jupiter. Mars is to the right.

I didn't have time for a telescope so I simply shot the Moon and Saturn with a telephoto lens at 300mm.