My UFO Sighting

On September 6th, 2006 I was making a video  of the Moon.
I was panning across Tycho when something flew across the field of view.
It appeared to be casting a shadow on the moon, suggesting it was quite close to the lunar surface.
It was a dark object and appeared to be spherical.

I copied  a small section of the video and attached it below.
The object will appear very brifly in the extreme upper left corner.
The shadow will appear in the top right of the image and move downward
toward the bottom left hand corner of the image.

Unfornately, I was using a very slow capture rate.
(1 frame every 1/4 second.)
As a result the fast moving object was blurry.

I doubt that this was a plane. It wouldn't have left a shadow on the moon.
It peobably wasn't two planes. They wouldn't be flying in that close a pattern.
I doubt it was alien spacecraft.
I doubt it was birds, since the only nocturnal birds we have around here
are predators and don't fly in groups.

My best guess is that they were either bats or insects that got into the tube.

Anyone have any ideas?


On my next night off I shot some more video. Within a five minute period I saw three more UFO's cross my field of vision.
The third one actually did a U'ey . Again, suspecting bugs (And already practically blind from observing the moon) I
grabbed my God-zillion power spotlight and shined it in the same direction as the scope was pointing until a host of little
flying friends had accumulated. Then I killed the light and watched the video screen.

The experiment worked. Over the next few minutes I observed numerous little UFO's flitting across the screen .
The acrobatics (aerobatics?) were quite tremendous.

So, if you ever want to see a UFO, grab your scope and spotlight,
maybe tie a piece of fruit onto your spider vanes
and start recording!