Build your very own WebCam Eyepiece
(This page is in progress)

I used a Creative Webncam because
one was sitting on my desk

The first step is to open the case.
Using a small screwdriver pry open the case
 and discard the focusing ring.

Unthread the eyepiece from the CCD
 and remove the lens.

Drill out the lens cavity to the same diameter
as the id of the threaded section
 of the lens enclosure.

Drill a hole in the bottom of a film canister to accomodate
 the lens holder. Cut off the ring at the top of the canister
so it will fit into your eyepiece holder. (1-1/4")

Insert the threaded eyepiece holder into the
bottom of the canister
Fit this assebly about haflway down
the cannister.
Now screw the lens holder back onto the CCD.

Now slide the cover down the tube and
 snap it into place.

Hook your new webcam eyepiece to your
favorite telescope and go have some fun.
Hint: Keep the film cannister cover.
Use it to keep your CCD clean and free of dust!

Below are the results of some preliminary experimentation with my webcam eyepiece.



The images were very small and hard to focus at the prime focus of my Meade 8" LX6 f/6.3.
My next experiment will involve modifying the camera again and trying eyepiece projection for a larger image.