Yes, Virginia, there is some dark sky left.  Unfortunately, most of us will never see it.

Light pollution is growing in the United States at an alarming rate.
As cities grow and urban sprawl speads across the countyside
it becomes harder and harder to find a dark spot
to truly enjoy the heavens above.

Below are some photos I took in rural areas of Arizona in the 1980's which aptly show
what dark sky looks like.

The Milky Way.
No this is not a cloud !

The Coat Hanger.
It's hardly recognizable in dark skies because we see all the other stars
around it, which weren't blotted out by light pollution.

As a matter of fact, under dark skies we can't see clouds.
Below is a photo to illustrate this. Look closely at the upper
left hand portion of the photo. Note that there are dark areas
with no stars. This is what clouds look like in a dark sky.