This page was built in the summer of 2007 during a time when there was  ! NO SUCH THING !
as a Personal Observatory Dome.  Wayne Parker was still designing "PODS."
A few lucky Beta testers had PODSin 2007, but the rest of us were waiting patiently(or not!)
for our little round domes to arrive in the mail...


The POD or Personal Observatory Dome was released in the summer of 2007.
I couldn't wait  to see what it would look like in my backyard, so....
with a little digital magic, here it is!

As of September 1st, 2007 I've paid for and am anxiously awaitng the arrival of my POD XL-3.
I got an email from Wayne today saying that my POD is in Ohio being staged for delivery.

As my POD arrival date quickly approaches I'm now turning my attention toward
building the infrastructure for my POD. Here are my first ideas toward that end.

The Concept was to make a deck that sort of looks like a landing pad for the POD

My PODDECK will be centered on a round deck raised 3 feet above
ground level. The stairway is designed so that the top step is below the
POD doorway. This will minimize "stooping" to enter the door.
Simply duck a little, lean forward and step up and through the doorway.
At least that's the plan. Once I get the POD I'll fool around with the
door panel to determine the feasability of this idea.
Another idea is to build the deck 3 feet larger in diameter than my
Xl-3 POD. This will provide an outer deck. A standard height
handrail will make the deck safe. The deck will have a couple of chairs
(adirondack chairs will be nice) for watching meteor showers or just relaxing
outside under the stars.

I haven't worked out all the details yet.
More to come as time flows inexorably forward!
Here's some shots from the Deck Plans book I purchased at Home Depot.
I've decided to go with this deck which is a 14.5 feet octagon. It will sit
3 feet above ground and the pod will sit on a raised platform on the deck
about one foot above the surface of the deck.

I wanted a pier, but did not want to pay the price that most companies want for them.
So I decided to build one from a bollard. I ordered the bollard and the Losmandy/Meade pier adaptor.
I welded a plate atop the bollard, drilled & tapped 3 holes in it and bolted the two together. Viola, a pier for only $250.oo

Next, construction began. The first step was to remove the 3 trees on the south side of my property line.
Then came a series of nights dragging my scope around the yard and trying to find the best spot.
Next came the infrastructure...

Laying out the PODdeck footers and the pier...  


Followed by the woodworking....


As soon as we got the decking down I wanted to try it out, so up went the telescope.


The first night spent on my PODDECK was fabulous.
Here's first light.................

My completed POD will look very similar to Wayne Parker's POD, pictured below.
Wayne even has an Alien Lifeform (Al) to spend time with...