1863 Civil War Letter

This is an original hand written letter from John Lehman to his wife Susanah. This letter was found with some items from Bedford, PA, so I'm thinking that Mr. Lehman may have been a soldier with the 101st Pennsylvania Division of the Union Army. I have discovered that they were stationed near New Bern, NC in January of 1863. The letter is as follows:

Camp Newbern
North Carolina Jan 19th, 1863
Dear and Beloved wife and children,
I once more take my pen in hand to let you know that I am well at presant and I hope this few lines will find you all in good health and further I will let you know that I received 3 letters from you since I am in Camp Newbern. One was writen(sic) by Peter Lint and the(y) all gave me much satisfaction and I wrote one since I am here but the mail was stopt(sic). Some days now I will let you (know) that if you write again let me know about the thrashing whether you got the grain thrasher and how much you got of each kind and let me also whether you had to fatten the hogs or whether the(y) got fat on the Beach nuts. You must keep oats to sow the two fields above the orchard and the balance you can feed and sell if I can't come home till Spring. You must hire sombody to put out the Spring crop maby(sic) you can get Henry Lehman if you speak to him in time. I will let you know that we are all reasonable well accept(sic) Joseph Miers(?) Now I will let you (know) that we will have to drill 2 times in Company drill and once on betalion(sic) drill and once in dress parade each day accept on Sunday. The report is that there are 99 regiments here in Camp. Some are in good hopes that the melitia will be sent home till spring. The(y) are mostly tired of soldiering. Now I will let you know that we have not seen any snow since we left Harrisburg but it was very colt(sic) this few days. We have built our tents with chimeys(sic) and 5 men in one tent the lane here is sandy and clean from stones. I must now come to a close by saying answer soon if you receive this.
My best respects and good wishes to you and all inquiring friends. So no more at present.
John I. Lehman
to Susanah Lehman

The letter is in excellent condition, with typical folding creases. 9 1/2" x 7 1/2" sheet of paper. Written on both sides.

Note: This letter was found at an estate sale in Bedford County, Pennsylvania in the fall of 2002 and sold on E-Bay. Fortunately, a descendant found the letter and successfully bidded for it.