Oakdale Cemetery - Grave of Rose O'Neal Greenhow

Grave of Rose O'Neal Greenhow (1813-1864), a Confederate spy, who was drowned while attempting to get
into a life-boat of the Blockade Runner, Condor, in the ocean off Fort Fisher. Inscription on the stone:
"Mrs. Rose O'N. Greenhow, a bearer of  dispatches of the Confederate Government.
Erected by the Ladies Memorial Association. Drowned off Fort Fisher from the steamer Condor while attempting
to run the blockade, September 30, 1864.
" Ironically, only one plot separates Mrs. Greenhow's grave from that of Henry Bacon,
who designed the Lincoln Memorial, which is dedicated to the  lady's archenemy.

Oakdale Cemetery - Grave of Rose O’Nea
l Greenhow - May 10, 1934.

The Confederate Memorial Day observance was organized by the United Daughters of the Confederacy.
Members of the Wilmington Light Infantry (WLI), Boys’ Brigade, the Spanish-American Veterans
and the American Legion Auxiliary also participated in the ceremony.
Two of the speakers were Louis T. Moore and Cyrus D. Hogue.
The boy on the right, wearing knickers, with hands in his pockets, is Bradford Tillery.
To his right is Wayne Spencer. Delmas Haskett is third from right, front, in the WLI formation.

The above photographs and despriptions are the property of the New Hanover Public Library, located
in Wilmington, North Carolina. They are reproduced here with permission.
These photos are part of the Louis T. Moore Collection housed at the Library.

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