ISM FlyerWild Rose: The Dangerous Mrs. Greenhow
Thursday, 9 June 2005; 6:30 pm
A highly dramatic evening of Civil War espionage.

Washington, D.C. August 23, 1861: On orders from President Lincoln, detective Allan Pinkerton arrests charming high society widow Rose Greenhow. The lady in question had sweet-talked top-flight Union officials and lowly Union clerks alike, encoded their information, and smuggled messages South—with the help of her own spy ring! Ann Blackman, author of a new biography of Mrs. Greenhow, will expose the spy’s dramatic exploits and her convention-breaking role as a personal emissary of President Jefferson Davis.
Wild Rose herself will join the presentation to reveal how she helped the South win the First Battle of Bull Run.
Actress Emily Lapisardi recreates Greenhow from her words and deeds, and is ready to withstand interrogation from our audience of espionage experts.

Ann Blackman will sign copies of Wild Rose, Civil War Spy, A True Story following the program.

On June 9th, 2005, members of The O'Neal Genealogy Association attended the event at the International Spy Museum.  Ann Blackman gave a stirring rendition of  her new book, "Wild Rose." After the presentation Emily Lapisardi, a Historical Impersonator gave a moving presentation as Rose O'Neale Greenhow, and then she and Ann answered questions from the audience. After the presentation, members of The O'Neal Genealogy Association presented Ann and Emily with a dozen long stemmed roses. Below are some photos...
Facade of Spy Museum
Peter Ann Blackman
The Front Facade of The International Spy
Museum in Downtown Washington, D.C.
Peter Earnest of
The Spy Museum
Ann Blackman at The International Spy
Museum, June 9th, 2005
Emily Lapisardi as Rose Ann and Rose answer questions
Ann Blackman, Emily Lapisardi as Rose and John W. O'Neal, II
Emily Lapisardi as Rose O'Neale
Greenhow displays a Civil War
cipher wheel used to send coded messages.
Ann and Rose (Emily) answer
audience questions
Ann and Emily receive Roses from
The O'Neal Genealogy Association
Photo by Michael Putzel  

On behalf of the entire membership of The O'Neal Genealogy Association, I'd like to take this opportunity to publicly thank Ann Blackman, Mike Putzel, Emily Lapisardi and her father Fred, Peter Earnest, and last but not least, Amanda Ohlke for showing us such a wonderful time whilst visiting our nation's capitol. 

Ann Blackman had a video made at the Spy Museum Presentation, which she graciously shared with this author
and members of The O'Neal Genealogy Association. The excerpts below are provided with Ann's permission.

Video Excerpts from the Spy Museum Presentation

Ann Blackman talks about "Wild Rose."
Ann Blackman talks about "Little Rose."
Ann and Emily discuss Jacob and the murder of Rose's Father
Emily Lapisardi as Rose talks about Freedom
Ann & Emily & The O'Neal Genealogy Association