Genteel Rebel - The Life of Mary Greenhow Lee

About the Author

Sheila PhippsShiela R. Phipps is an assistant professor of history at Appalachian University in Boone, North Carolina.
Genteel Rebel: The Life of Mary Greenhow Lee, Louisiana State University Press, Fall/Winter, 2003


Very excellent book filled with well documented facts, both about Mary and her sister in law, Rose O'Neal Greenhow. There is a lot of Greenhow family genealogy in the book as well. A must read for serious Rose students.

"'Their Desire to Visit the Southerners:' Mary Greenhow Lee's Visiting Connexion," in Dealing with the Powers that Be: Negotiating Boundaries of Southern Womanhood, Southern Women Series presented by the Southern Association for Women Historians, University of Missouri Press, scheduled for publication, 2000.

"Salt Licks, and Trails, and Land," in Moving On: European, Atlantic and American Migration in the Age of Expansion and Settlement, 15th-20th Centuries: Student Papers from the EU/USA Intensive Conference/Workshop, February, 1995, edited by James N. McCord, Jr., and Andrew M. Schocket. College of William and Mary, 1995.

"132 North Cameron Street: 'Secesh Lives Here'," in Winchester-Frederick County Historical Journal, Vol. VII, 1993.

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Genteel Rebel: The Life of Mary Greenhow Lee
Genteel Rebel: The Life of Mary Greenhow Lee