Rose's Grandchildren

One of the most commonly asked questions about Rose is if she has any direct living descendants. Many historians have searched for the answer to this question, but all have seemed to draw a blank. To answer the question we will pass on to you what we know thus far. To the best of our knowledge Rose had three children who grew to adulthood and  married or were capable of marrying.

First, was Florence, who married Seymour Treadwell Moore and had two children, only one of which grew to adulthood. His name was Tredwell Moore, Jr. To date we have found no evidence of  his having married or of producing offspring. The only mention we've ever found of his existence is a census record stating that he was away at college. The 1880 Schenectady, New York Census  shows Florence V. Moore, a widow, age 35 and Treadwell Moore, son age 18 born Nevada, going to college.  (The record doesn't say where he's going to college.)

Second, was Leila, who married Alexander Cravens and had five children, again, only one of which lived to adulthood. Her name was Margaret Cravens. Margaret died a young woman, at her own hand, without ever marrying or producing any offspring.

Third, was Little Rose, who married William Penn Duvall and had one child who grew to adulthood. Her name was Mary Lee Duvall. Mary married Louis Eugene Marie and they bore Rose one great-grandchild, Louis E. Marie, Jr. Junior was a career military man and to the best of our knowledge never married or had children.

So, while the court is still out on the question, here's the bottom line. There were three opportunities for Rose to have living descendants. Tredwell Moore, Jr;  Margaret Cravens and Louis E. Marie, Jr.
We can rule out Margaret Cravens, leaving two possibilities, Tredwell Moore, Jr.and Louis E. Marie, Jr.

Of these two possibilities, it appears that Louis E. Marie, Jr. probably left no descendants behind. If there is a direct living descendant, chances are s/he will be a descendant of Tredwell Moore, Jr.

If anyone can shed any light onto this question, I would be very greatful for the information................


There are many thousands of indirect relations to Rose out there, on the other hand. Bev Crowe and myself, who built the Rose website are 2nd cousins.  Our common ancestors were Rose's  great-great-grandfather, William O'Neale. We are descended from William's brother, John.