Little Rose O'Neale Greenhow
Little Rose Greenhow
Rose and Little Rose in Capitol Prison
The  above photo is the only photo we've ever been able to find of Little Rose without her mother. This photo is owned by the Cape Fear museum and is thought to be a photo found on her mother's body when she drowned at Fort Fisher near Wilmington, North Carolina.

A self proclaimed "tough little rebel," Little Rose really looks the part in this photo.
This photo was also found at the Cape Fear museum. Note the differences between this photo and the Brady image we're accustomed to seeing. Could this be a proof that did not make the cut?

And, is Little Rose defiantly flashing us a coded message?
Hint: Look closely at her right hand!
Note: The photos above are the property of The Cape Fear Museum in Wilmington, North Carolina and are reproduced here with permission.