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This site is hosted by The O'Neal Genealogy Association. "TOGA" Members John W. O'Neal, II and Bev Crowe have been researching Rose for several years and have visited various repositories containing information on Rose in several different states, including museums, libraries and courthouses. We have  utilized interlibrary loans to obtain rare books and manuscripts, and have scoured the web for information.  We have met with holders of public and private collections and where noted have received permission to share their information.
To date we have provided input to four authors working on books about Rose. Three of these are currently in publication. (See the Books Section.)  Most recently we have been working with Ann Blackman on her book, Wild Rose, which was released June 7th, 2005 with glowing reviews. We have just completed working with Historical Impersonator, Emily Lapisardi to produce an audio CD/DVD of Rose.

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  "At the last day, when the martyrs who have with their blood sealed their devotion to liberty shall stand together firm witnesses that truth is stronger than death, foremost among the shinning throng, coequal with the Rolands and Joan d'Arcs of history will appear the Confederate heroine, Rose O. Greenhow."

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