Rose Prison Photos

To date I've been able to locate 3 photos of Rose in The Old Capitol Prison, all taken by the photographer Matthew Brady.
2 of the photos are from the same negative, but are each slightly different in what they expose..
The first is a tif image and is VERY large, so in the interest of conserving space I will not  post it here. Instead I'll post a lower resolution jpg image
2nd is the Brady photo we see posted everywhere of Rose and Little Rose.
Compare these 2 images and you can see the differences.
In the original photo we can see the boarded up windows and the blankets hanging out to dry.
Perhaps this image was too crude for the general populace, so a cropped version was made and widely distributed. Photo 2.
The 3rd photo is from another negative. This image was found on Rose's body when she drowned at Cape Fear.

Image # 1 from original negative
Image # 2 cropped from original negative
Image # 3 - A different pose