The Official Rebel Rose Hall of Fame
Recipients Page: #001

The first recipients of the Rebel Rose Hall of Fame are two 8th grade students named Rachel & Kirsten.
They first contacted us on February 3rd, 2006 advising that they were working on a television documentary
of Rose for National History Day Competition and asking for an interview.

During their research they traveled to our Nations Capitol and did an interview with Ann Blackman,
author of Wild Rose, Civil War Spy. They visited the National Archives in College Park, Maryland and
sifted through the documents housed there. They also traveled to Virginia and interviewed Emily Lapisardi,
an historical Impersonator, who does a remarkable portrayal of Rose.  

On March 16th I was pleased to learn that Rachel and Kristen received superior scores and took first
place at the regional level for their documentary and will be proceeding to the State level in May.

Congratulations to these hard working students. We are very pleased to acknowledge their hard work
and proud to make them the very first recipients of the Official Rebel Rose Hall of Fame Award...