Rose's Coded Letter Deciphered

When Rose was placed under arrest at her home, Alan Pinkerton's detective police searched her home for signs of espionage. One of the items they found was a coded letter. Below is an image of the message they found. Some of the letters were smugded, so I was not able to do a complete transcription. Here's what I was able to come up with...

On 16th an order was given at war dept for the
purchase of eigty(sic) Virginia horses A milit
ary road is opened from Tenlytown round by Bl
airs to Bladensburg Strong works
with heavy guns – but they forget the fort
ifications of Paris - Since sixteenth(sic) Ins
(Blurred) they cant raise them - I am wa
tching the habeus corpus case as they
will loose(sic) largely by it – only fifty million of
the loan will be available - The plan now is masterly
inactivity – I will in a day or two send dra
wings of the sorhern(sic) defences of the city
You give me no instructions and not being a military man i
Can only trust my untrained judgement as to what is of value
All that I send is reliable – All efforts
All efforts are being made to raise an Army – Peter
_ _ oman near Laurel Md – Gen Hiram Waldbri
dg me spies one regiment with ambulances
passed over Longbridg(sic) on Saturday night- A O the_
_ _ o day great deal of ordinace(sic) some heav
y pieces – This goes by safe hands but do not
talk with anyone about news from here as the birds of
the air bring back but I wish I could see you as I know
much that a letter cannot give _____ _____ _____ _____
You know that my soul is in the cause and that I would
Venture much at the _____ and _____ of discretion as
Be in the _____ - tell boi Beauregard that in
My imagination he takes place of the Cid 

Always yours  RG