When Rose was pulled from her watery grave near Wilmington, North Carolina,
searchers found a copy of her book "Imprisonment" hidden on her person.
There was a note inside the book, which was meant for her daughter Little Rose.

It reads as follows:

London, Nov 1st 1863
You have shared the hardships and indignity of my prison life, my darling;
And suffered all that evil which a vulgar despotism could inflict.
Let the memory of that period never pass from your mind;
Else you may be inclined to forget how merciful
Providence has been in seizing us from such a people.

Rose O'N Greenhow.

The copy of the book found on Rose after she drowned.

A note to Rose Greenhow, from her Mother, Rosatta Maria (Rose) O'Neale Greenhow. Written in London, Nov 1st 1863.
Found on the body of Rose inside a copy of her book, MY IMPRISONMENT. The book and this insert was passed down
through the family and then given to David Rankin Barbee, who donated it to the Library of Congress, where it resides today.
Transcribed from a copy at Georgetown University's Lauinger Library, Special Collections Division by
The O'Neal Genealogy Association researchers Bev Crowe and John W. O'Neal, II on 10/31/2002