Emily Lapisardi is THE VOICE OF ROSE.

On this audio CD you will hear Emily Lapisardi, Historical Performer, recreate Rose's voice as she reads, My Imprisonment and the First Year of Abolition Rule at Washington.
Emily's voice control, resonance, timbre, syntax and style will transport the listener back to 1864.
Within minutes of turning on the CD you will feel like Rose is sitting there with you, reciting her story.

The CD is divided into 13 tracks, one for each chapter of Rose's book.

As a bonus, Emily will read an obscure letter that Rose wrote to her daughter, Little Rose.
This letter was discovered on her person after she drowned and is probably one of her last writings
before succumbing to the dark waters of the Cape Fear River in North Carolina.

Laura Stallard, President of the North Carolina Society of The Order of The Confederate Rose
had this to say about the CD:
"I just finished listening to the voice of Rose O’Neal Greenhow by Emily
Lapisardi as she reads “My Imprisonment and the First Year of Abolition
Rule at Washington”. Emily transports you back in time as she reveals an
accurate history of the times. Giving you haunting details of the Yankee
government’s blatant and complete disregard for decorum or the humane
treatment of our heroin and her little daughter of 8 years. Rose describes
in vivid detail all the horrors of her imprisonment. Her vast knowledge of
the inner workings of Washington along with its main cast of characters is
remarkable and fascinating. I do not think we will ever truly understand
the enormous sacrifice Rose gave so freely to the Southern Confederacy.
Quote 'Our President and our General direct me to thank you. We rely upon
you for further information. The Confederacy owes you a debt. (Signed)
JORDON, Adjutant-General. I can say without reservation this CD should be
heard by every compatriot of the South."
Laura Stallard
State President
North Carolina Society
Order of Confederate Rose

After hearing this stirring rendition of Rose's book, I'm sure you'll agree with me that
Emily Lapisardi is truly the voice of Rose!