Mail List On Rootsweb
Use the mail list to post your O'Neal query to The O'Neal Genealogy Association researchers.
Please include as much information as possible about the ancestor in question. The more information
you provide, the better chances we will have in finding the link you are looking for. Some information
to include is as follows:

Ancestors Name. Given and Surname,
Date and place of birth and death
Marriage information: Wife's maiden name, date and place of birth and death.
Father's name and Mother's surname.
Childrens names
Any siblings names.
Any additional information will also be useful.

You can also use the board to post information you would like to share with other O'Neal researchers, including

Cemetery transcriptions
scanned documents

In order to access the mail messages you can subscribe to the mail list. Then when someone posts a message, it will be sent to your mailbox

To Subscribe to the mail list, follow these two easy steps:

Send me a mail message stating that you would like to subscribe to the list by clicking HERE.


See the example below: