The James O'Neal Cemetery Page
The James O'Neal Cemetery as 
Kenneth O'Neal found it on 11/3/2001
The James O'Neal Family Cemetery Photos
Possibly the 
Headstone of James O'Neal
Headstone of Catherine 
Snively O'Neal
Headstone of Anna E. O'Neal
Headstone of John Harvey O'Neal
The James O'Neal Family Cemetery was first discovered by Jerry Miller who wrote. ."I found an O'Neal cemetery out in  the middle of a pasture last summer, and can't remember if I told you the  names. You probably already know about it, but I thought that I'd give you  the info again, in case I hadn't. I'll have to get you the info once I get home  - I'm at work right now. The cemetery is in West Providence Twp, real  close to the Monroe Twp line. Three stones readable, one pretty much  destroyed."

 Followed by the following: ."In the enclosed .jpg format file,  (reproduced above) you will find the red-cross that marks the location of  an O'NEAL family cemetery in East Providence Township. (Just match my  enclosed picture against your township map, which is where I copied the  small portion from.)  There are four graves, three of which are readable, the fourth stone having  been evidently destroyed (just a stub left) by a tractor or plow. I wasn't sure if you knew about the following graves, or if these folks might  be in your line of research. Just an FYI. If they were of any use, or not, I'd  appreciate an e-mail back." Jerry

I immediately fired an email to Cousin Kenneth O'Neal and he set out on  Saturday, October 13th to find the cemetery.

 Here's Ken's report, sent Sunday, October 14th........  Went to Bedford Saturday, got there about 1:00 o'clock. Found road # 2018. It is named
 Fenton Rd.,2 miles South of Everett.  But could NOT find cemetery. Not many people were home in that area, guess they were either at Fall Foliage Festival  in Bedford or Festival in Everett.   Did talk to several people, but none know of this cemetery. One man,  a Mr. Calhoon  knows a Fred O'Neal,( don't have him in tree) and tried to call him for us , but he was not  home.   Stopped at another house and talked to people named Robbinette. They bought their  house from a John O'Neal 20 years ago. They told us of a Leroy O'Neal  (he is a relation  and in tree) who lived up road, but he was NOT home. We did find an overgrown  cemetery, buried in blackberry bushes. Dug out several  SPARKS stones, but have no info on them in Family tree.
 Cuz Ken

 This was rather discouraging news, but then on October 22nd, Ken sent the following  message: "Just received a call from Jim Calhoon, a man we met when we were looking for the  O'Neal Cemetery near Everett. He found the cemetery. If the weather holds will try to go  back in the next few weeks. Will let you know what we find.
Cuz Ken

Then on November 3rd, 2001, Ken sent tho photos above along with this letter: "Had some time  & weather was OK, so we went to Bedford AND  found 2 cemeteries. The James O'Neal Cemetery and The man, Jim Calhoum, that I talked to last time I was there, took me to a cemetery out the hill about 1 /2 mile from James O'Neal Cemetery. All stones were Calhoun. He didn't know who was there, till we looked, only knew there was a cemetery. I recorded names & dates.

Here's Kens' report on the James O'Neal Cemetery:


To find  the O'Neal Cemetery take RT 26 South out of Everett, 3 miles, turn left on WestMattie Road, go 1 / 10 mile to sharp right bend, park at  pullover on left side of bend. Walk back dirt road on left , go about 50 yards. cemetery is in field about 100 yards, at 11 o'clock on left.
Recorded November 3, 2001.

Anna E.  Jan. 2, 1907  age 71 Yrs. 10Mo. 16 Ds.
John Harvey     Nov. 6, 1837  - Died Oct. 3, 1917
Catharine   May 12, 1848   Age   56 Yrs & 3 Ds. w/o James
There is one broken Illegible stone "probably" this stone is stone for James O'Neal  12-4-1791 - 11-4-1869.

Many thanks go out to Jerry Miller and Kenneth O'Neal for finding this piece of our family history and recording it for posterity. Ken is in the process of locating the landowner to find out if we can have access to the cemetery. We'd like to get in and do some much needed repairs. More to come on this as events progress.