History of 17th & 18th Century Maryland

Studying the O'Neal family in 17th & 18th century without knowing something about colonial Maryland would be akin to studying the life of  Pete Rose without mentioning baseball. The decisions the early O'Neale's made, the land they purchased, and the spouses they married were all brought about by the social-political climate they lived in. Understanding early Maryland will aid in our understanding of the O'Neale Family.

One thing we do know about the family is that they were prominent landowners and most probably quite wealthy. From this we can infer that they were most probably involved in the politics of their time. Several members of this early family belonged to the House of Burgess, one was a sherriff, some were Revolutionary Soldiers and Frontier Rangers. Many were referred to as Gentlemen Planters or as Genteman of the Manor.

Colonial Maryland underwent numerous social, political and financial upheavels during it's first two hundred years. One major conflict, of course, involved the battle for Independance. The attept at making America a British colony, subject to the rules of the Crown, did not sit well with the independant spirit of most colonists and ultimately resulted in The American Revolutiuon. There were Indian uprisings, epidemics, sometimes local, sometimes widespread. Then there were the religious struggles. In early Maryland we find Catholics, Quakers, Presbyterians, and many other religious preferences, many of whom fled to America to escape religious persecution. This melting pot of differing beliefs surely caused  friction among the colonists, and ultimately resulted in the shaping of our current religious beliefs.

On this page, we are not going to attempt to write the history of early Maryland, since so many others have already done so, and have done an excellent job to boot. What we're going to do instead is provide a list of links to pages that contain histories and genealogies that pertain to Maryland during the timeframe that the O'Neale's resided there. On some of these pages you will even find histories of the O'Neale's as well as histories of their allied families, such as the  Calverts, Coles, Digges, Lamares, Lowes, Neales, Sparks, etc.

St. Mary's County, Maryland Families
by Linda Reno.
The purpose of this site is to share with you some of the very rich history of St. Mary's County, Maryland, the third English colony established in the new world. For too many years, the historical importance of this area has been overlooked. In recent years, real progress has been made by the St. Mary's City Commission in recreating the original capital of Maryland. Their primary focus is on the original settlers and how they lived at St. Mary's City. Our focus will be on the people who lived in St. Mary's County or whose roots were here over the past 367 years.

Maryland Genealogy
by Jerry Clark.
One of the most comprehensive early Maryland Genealogy sites I've ever had the pleaseure to find.
If you can't find it here, it probably doesn't exist.

Colonial America, from Exploration through the American Revolution
by The American Local History Network. A veritable wealth of Colonial information.

The Maryland Landings - The Maddox Family
by Byron  Maddox,
The Maddox family descends from Wales and many thousands living in the United States can trace their roots to the earliest colonial times -- to Maryland and Virginia in the 1600's. There are several immigrant Maddoxes who arrived a few years from each other and genealogists have traced parts of their lineages down to the present day in many states.  You may be related to these lines of Maddox too.

Carmel in America
by Carmelite Communities Associated.
CCA is an association of Monasteries of Discalced Carmelite Nuns. The Carmelites Order is part of the Roman Catholic Church.
Carmel is as old as the twelfth century hermits who inhabited the caves of ancient Palestine.

by Doug Moore.
Interesting articles about the Moores in colonial America.  Of particular interest is the Moore News II, 28A & 28B.

The Calvert Chronicles, Being an Essay of Conjecture on the Times,
Triumphs, Travails and Adventures of a Noble House
by Shirley Calvert-Faoro, Editor & Peter Faoro, Scribe.

The Sparks Family Tree