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Gibbous Moon shot with my Astro Tech (AT6RC) 6"f/9.0 Ritchey Criteon and ZWO ASI174mm CMOS Imager on May 15th, 2016The Rosette Nebula shot on January 2-3, 2009. Orion EON ED80 w/Canon 40D @ Prime Focus.Pleaides, shot with the Astro Tech (AT6IN) 8" f/4.0 Imaging Newtonian and focal Reducer w/Canon 40DDAYSTAR QUARK Chromosphere on Explore Scientific 152mm Refrator w/ ZWO ASI174mm. 4 piece mosaic shot June 9th, 2017October 23rd, 2014 Partial Solar Eclipse in Cornelius, North Carolina
Solar ProminencesA plasma ejection following magnetic field linesSimultaneous Perseids, from the Rustic Lakes Campground in Sullivan, Ohio in 2015M20, M8The Veil NebulaSunspots
Supernova in M51
Northern Lights on the shore of Lake Erie @ Tiki Park, in Vermilion, OhioThe Venus Transit in 3 wavelengthsSolar SlingshotEclipse over Lake Erie

Supernova in M51Active Filament

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Explore Scientific 152mm Refractor @4,248mm EFL., DAYSTAR FILTERS Sodium D Line QUARK, ZWO ASI174mm CMOS Imager.