About TOGA

The O'Neal Genealogical Association (TOGA) was organized in September, 2001.  TOGA is a genealogy society dedicated to furthering research on the ancestry of O'Neal families in America.  Our purpose is preserving the O'Neal heritage, sharing information, and promoting fellowship among families who share a common ancestry. Membership is open, not only to O'Neal cousins, but to anyone interested in researching their connections to this family line.

Our first annual TOGA convention will be held in the fall of 2002.  The event will feature some good food, socializing, auctions and well planned, fun events.  The major attraction of the convention will the availability of the TOGA computer database of the descendants of Joseph O'Neal as well as hard copy source materials.  The TOGA Staff will bring these materials to the convention, along with computers to access the data, make backup copies for personal use, and enter new contributions from active researchers. Photocopy machines are always available for copying family group sheets and other source materials.

The association publishes The O'Neal Genealogical Association Newsletter, an on-line newsletter that keeps members up to date by posting coming events while publishing interesting articles related to O'Neal ancestry.  Genealogy research articles are contributed by TOGA members and other O'Neal historians.  Material may vary but in addition to submitted articles, a particular issue may contain queries, Bible records, old letters, obituaries, births, in short - anything related to discovering and sharing our common O'Neal heritage.

The world wide web home of TOGA can be found at <http://www.onealwebsite.com> The O'Neal Web site began as a place for O'Neal researchers to accumulate and share their information on the Joseph O'Neal family. (ca 1670)  and has evolved into the Home Page for TOGA.

We always extend a warm welcome to new members.  The more members we have, the more information is made available to improve our newsletter, to undertake new research projects, and to make research findings more readily available to members.  Why not encourage your O'Neal cousins to join in the fun?  Membership applications can be submitted on-line or by snail mail by completing the attached application form and following the instructions posted there.
The O'Neal Genealogy Association Mission Statement

   To collect, analyze, disseminate and preserve genealogical, historical and biographical data pertaining to the Descendants of John O'Neale and associated surnames; to promote interest in genealogical and historical research with emphasis on the O'Neal family; to provide guidance and stimulate interest in the use of efficient procedures and the adherence to principles of accuracy and thoroughness in such research; to encourage high ethical standards and professionalism in all genealogical and historical research practices, including careful and thorough documentation.