TOGA - X - 2002.
The O'Neal Genealogy Association Expedition 2002,
Day 6, St. Mary's County, Maryland

On Day 6 we left the DC area and headed south.

We were going to Neale Sound to try and find Wollaston Manor, the home of Captain James Neale.
Rose O'Neale's grandmother Henrietta Maria Neale was born here and some sources indicate Rose lived here for awhile,
so we wanted to see if we could find the old homestead and look around the area.
Our first stop was The Holy Ghost Cemetery. We found lots of Neale tombstones. (These will be added to the website.)

From there we went to The Swan Point Golf Course. According to land records, the golf course is within the boundaries of the property owned by Captain James.

And last, we went to Neale Sound. What a treat. Captain Neale owned a tract of land named Bachelor's Hope. While driving down Wollaston Circle Lane we encountered a side street named Bachelor's Hope Drive. We think we found the site of the old homestead, which was consumed by fire in the 20th century.
We were driving down Neale Sound Drive and turned onto Wicimoco river Drive. These roads join at the Point of the Potomac and Wicimoco Rivers and there we found what we think was probably the site of Wollaston Manor. We decided against doing any digging around without permission. Maybe next time!

After leaving Neale Sound we began heading southeast. Our destination for Day 7 was Culpeper Virginia.