TOGA - X - 2002.
The O'Neal Genealogy Association Expedition 2002,
Day 7, Culpeper County, Maryland

We spent the 7th day in The Culpeper County (Virginia) Library.

Culpeper Virginia is a beautifully restored historical city

The library contained lots of O'Neal information, but very little of it was related to our line.
Of note, we found some additional information on John & Daniel and Basil O'Neal.

We spent the day in the Library, then went back to our rooms.

This was the last day of the expedition and we wanted to spend some time going over our info.
We spent the evening making copies of our photo disks and passing them around so we'd all have copies of the photos.
The next morning we went to a copy shop and copied all the documents we had accumulated during the week.
We had breakfast and then parted ways.
The TOGA-Xpedition, 2002 was officially over.