TOGA - X - 2002.
The O'Neal Genealogy Association Expedition 2002,
Day 8,Summary

I'd like to thank everyone who participated in the TOGA Expedition, 2002. I think everybody had a wonderful time. I'd like to
especially thank Bev Crowe, who stuck with us for the entire 8 days and was instrumental in planning the Expedition. Also, her GPS
prevented us from getting lost quite a few times and was instrumental in getting us to some of the more obscure sites. Then there was
Kenneth O'Neal and Lorraine, who escorted us around the Pennsylvania countryside for 3 days. Ken knows the backroads of
Bedford County and every item of significance to O'Neal Researchers therein. Without his aid we'd have been hard pressed to find
half the sites and information we found there.

Kenneth O'Neal, John W. O'Neal, II and Bev Crowe,
TOGA Officers

                 The O'Neal Genealogy Association Expedition, 2003
We're in the early planning stages for next year's TOGA-Xpedition, 2003. Nothing is firm yet, but so far we've identified a couple of
sites we'd like to visit. First is Ross & Washington Counties in Southern Ohio. Then we may consider going back to Sween Library in
Maryland, then on to Annapolis, Maryland.  We're even considering a visit to Happy Valley, Georgia to look for more information on
Basil O'Neale. If you are interested in going along in 2003 keep your eyes on the newsletter for details as the time draws closer, or
contact me or Bev Crowe for further information.