The O'Neal Genealogy Association Expedition-2002


For several months members of The O'Neal Genealogy Association had discussed going on an expedition. We finally set a date of the last weekend in July and the first week of August. We prioritized what we wanted to find and where we best thought we'd find the information we wanted. We decided we'd like to visit various locations in Pennsylvania, Maryland, DC and Virginia. We researched resources available in these locations and put together an itinerary.

Well, since then, we all made it back home from our First TOGA Expedition safely.We have lots of stories (and a few tall tales) to tell. We visited Pennsylvania, Maryland, DC and Virginia and came back with hundreds of documents that we're hoping will fill in a lot of holes in our Family History. In additions we have hundreds of photos from the various cemeteries we visited.

Our intention is to put some of this information in the newsletter, but most will go into the web site and a lot will be posted on the TOGA mail list. We've posted some of our findings on the mail list already and will continue to do so until we get it all posted.

I hope you enjoy reading about our adventures as much as we did. It was quite exciting at times and not without hazards, including bee stings, sunburns, and the inevitable, "Oh, no, guess what I forgot to bring?"

We haven't worked out where we're going next year yet, but places being considered are Ross & Washington County, Ohio, Frederick County, Maryland, Annapolis, Maryland and Richmond, Virginia. If you think you might be interested in attending TOGA-X-2003, send me a mail and we can discuss it further.