History of 17th & 18th Century Virginia

Studying the O'Neal family in 17th & 18th century without knowing something about colonial Virginia would be akin to studying the life of  Pete Rose without mentioning baseball. The decisions the early O'Neale's made, the land they purchased, and the spouses they married were
all brought about by the social-political climate they lived in. Understanding early Virginia will aid in our understanding of the O'Neale Family.

On this page, we are not going to attempt to write the history of early Virginia, since so many others have already done so, and have done an excellent job to boot. What we're going to do instead is provide a list of links to pages that contain histories and genealogies that pertain to Virginia during the timeframe that the O'Neale's resided there.

The Jamestown Society History Page
by Jamestown Historical Society

These pages contain a wealth of information about colonial Jamestoewn and and Virginia. This site even shows a Grace O'Neil living in Northampton in 1624-1625.

by Fred Spradlin

The Directory of Virginia Repositories
by John T. Kneebone, Editor

Politics in Colonial Virginia

Virginia Colonial Records Project
by Elizabeth Roderick